Upholstery Tips

Function is not usually the first reason why someone buys a piece of furniture although that is probably the reason they originally went shopping. Furniture is normally large objects and can instantly change a look of any room. Many pieces of furniture are wood but fabric brings comfort and relaxation into any home. Upholstery tips should be kept in mind when buying furniture as well as during weekly cleaning.

Your weekly cleaning involves wiping down surfaces and scrubbing stains that are found just about anywhere. Furniture is usually neglected and over time if not cleaned on a regular basis will become simply unsanitary. The best time to clean the upholstery is when the carpet is being vacuumed. Most vacuums can be easily converted from cleaning the floor to cleaning stairs or other objects. So why vacuum the couch or lazy chair? To prevent dirt and grime build up; think about what happens on the couch. You may put your shoes on it, the dog or cat may lay on it, and you may eat your snacks on it. Your shoes have been who knows where, the dog and cat shed and may have fleas and food crumbs fall into the fibers and liquid is absorbed by the material.

You don’t have to be a specialist to know upholstery tips but having some basic knowledge will help keep your furniture looking its best. Vacuuming has already been discussed; don’t just clean what you see, move the cushions and vacuum underneath them and down in the side crevices too. When putting the cushions back, rotate and flip them if at all possible. This will minimize wear of the material as well as you are able to find and clean stains before they set for too long. Some cushions may need to be fluffed a bit and their original location moved. This will prevent one cushion from wearing out too soon and keep all cushions looking the same throughout their usefulness in your home.

Other upholstery tips include care you may not think about like what light and pollution do to the furniture. Sunlight, over time, can fade fabrics and the heat from the sun can dry leather and vinyl so it’s best to keep them away from windows or other heat sources if possible. Smoke and other air pollutants can also harm the material. The material easily holds the smoke and other pollutants and can be very difficult to remove.

If the cushion has a removable cover, you can hand wash them or use the delicate cycle on you washing machine and then air dry them in the clothes dryer. Most items come with upholstery tips and/or cleaning instructions; use these to help keep your furniture looking like new.

There are a number of products on the market that will clean and protect a number of materials. Although, if the spill or stain is caught when it happens then harsh chemicals are usually not needed. You can buy furniture that has already been treated with a protectant or you can do this yourself; before you do, make sure if you do it that it won’t void the warranty. Good upholstery tips will instruct to use a clean towel to gently press onto the spill and blot up as much as possible. Do not rub as this will push the liquid or solid into the material. Warm soapy water can be your cleaning solution if needed but often this is not enough.

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