Tips On Carpet Cleaning

Carpet can be very expensive to have installed depending upon the quality of carpet and how much carpet is being installed. Many things are tracked in and onto the carpet; you never know what is on or in amongst the fibers of the carpet. Weekly vacuuming certainly helps; having some tips on carpet cleaning will ensure a healthy environment in every room that the carpet is in.

There is a variety of carpets and rugs that can be found in any home or office. In addition to the dirt and grime it can bring, heavy traffic puts a great deal of wear and tear on carpet. We rely upon our carpet to keep our feet warm and for our home to look nice so we want to keep the carpet in the best shape as possible. Many of us are in a hurry and quickly move the vacuum over the main traffic areas of the carpet. This does not get the carpet clean.

The best tips on carpet cleaning for general vacuuming is to move the vacuum slowly forwards and backwards at a slight angle and then make the same movements but in the opposite direction. In addition, high traffic areas should be gone over twice.

Like everything else, carpets need to be cleaned. Carpets can be cleaned professionally or the homeowner can clean their own carpets by either renting a machine or buying one. Most shampooers use a cleaning solution mixed with hot water, which is sprayed onto the carpet to loosen the dirt and then removes the loosened dirt into the machine.

The process is similar to vacuuming except water is used; once done the carpet should be allowed to dry. Another form of cleaning is by spraying a special solution onto the carpet and allowed to attack the dirt and grime; then it is vacuumed up.

There are a number of great tips on carpet cleaning that can be picked up by reading the owner’s manual of your carpet cleaner, from peers or by reading the labels of various carpet cleaning products.

Carpet stains are another problem that must be dealt with in order to maintain clean carpets. Stains can be from mud, food, pets and other unknown causes. Of course, the stain can be easily removed if caught right away. Most carpet stains however go unnoticed and then removing the stains can be a hassle and very frustrating.

Several tips on carpet cleaning for stains that are simple, effective and can be done with products you may already have in your home. First and foremost, dab don’t rub as this will fray the fibers and move the stain around. By using a clean rag, club soda and a blotting motion many stains should come out in no time.

Oil spots can be removed by allowing cornstarch or baking soda to be soaked in and then blotted out with a clean damp rag.

Before removing any stain, as found in many tips on carpet cleaning, it is helpful to know what material the carpet or rug is made from and clean an inconspicuous spot first to ensure that the cleaning product won’t harm the fibers before actually working to remove the stain.

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