Tips On Cleaning Your House

For the most part, many people prefer their homes to be free of as much chaos as possible. They attempt to keep the clutter at a minimum and clean on a regular basis. For those whose homes are well, less kept, cleaning is more of a chore than anything. Having some good basic tips on cleaning your house can help anyone manage the mess.

Probably the most difficult thing for one who doesn’t care to keep their home organized and clean on a regular basis is deciding where to start. Standing in the middle of a room, looking around and seeing stuff scattered, dishes here and there and possibly even garbage still laying where is was put or dropped. If items are not put away when one is done with them or garbage is not put in the waste basket and is instead left about, clutter and a dirty home will occur; this is a given. Before any real cleaning can begin, the clutter must be picked up and dealt with. Once the clutter has been tackled then the cleaning can be done. The best tips on cleaning your house involve picking up the clutter, removing the items that don’t belong and putting them where they do belong. Cleaning is removing spills, stains, dirt and grime.

One of the most useful tips on cleaning your house is to work your way from the top to the bottom. This will ensure that whatever falls from the top will be cleaned up regardless of what happens between cleaning the top and cleaning the bottom. Having the right cleaning supplies and tools make the job a great deal easier; remember the saying “work smarter not harder”. Your cleaning supplies should be specific for the job at hand and the tools should work with the supplies to make everything easier. Keep supplies and tools, if possible, in bucket or tote that you can easily carry from room to room. Tools maybe a little different; you can put sponges, paper towels and a toothbrush in the tote but the vacuum or broom are just too big.

Cleaning your house will vary upon the room that is being cleaned and what exactly needs to be done for it to be clean. The cleaning products can be homemade or purchased at your local discount store. You should have at least an all-purpose cleaning product, a glass cleaner, and a sanitizer or something that will kill germs. You can also add furniture polish and room and/or carpet fresheners. Your tools should include a sponge or rag specifically for cleaning with water, one for dusting or a duster, a toilet brush (kept in the bathroom at all times) and paper towels. Keep it simple but keep the supplies and tools useful and easy to use.

Try to work one room at a time if you can that way you are not running back and forth from one room to another. This process works best when the clutter and cleaning have been neglected for too long. Other tips on cleaning your house involve working with one product at a time and then move on to the next; clean all like things (fixtures) and then move on to the next (countertops). Remember to remove the clutter first and then clean; also pick up and put away when you are done and this will ensure a clutter free home.