How To Clean Furniture

We have furniture inside and outside and it’s made of a number of different materials. Furniture can be made from wood, metal, plastic or fabric. The best way on how to clean furniture depends on the material it’s made from, where the piece is located and how often it’s used. You don’t want to use polishing wax for an antique on your plasma TV.

When you obtain a piece of furniture, if it’s new, you usually receive some sort of information about the piece and how it should be cleaned. If no information is received, as long as you know the material that it’s composed of then you will have a general idea of what will be the best way to clean it. An overall general rule of thumb is if something spills, clean it up as soon as possible; water, soap and a clean cloth are the products and tools you will need.

The basic do’s and don’ts of what to know about how to clean furniture is simple common sense. For most cleaning issues, dusting or vacuuming will do nicely to keep the item clean; if necessary, a basic wash of warm soapy water and a clean cloth should be sufficient to clean spots that may arise. For tougher spots, the cleaning agent and technique used to clean will vary upon the material the furniture is made from.

To keep your furniture looking nice longer, knowing how to clean it is a must. The better care you take, the longer the piece will last. For furniture covered in fabric, use the proper attachment that comes with your vacuum and do a good once over on the entire piece. Use the crevice tool to get into the nooks and crannies and after vacuuming the cushions flip them over and move them to a different spot. The flipping and moving will minimize the wear and tear of the fabric in one spot.

There are products on the market that are great at removing spots and stains from fabrics. The sprays and foams available are designed to work hard but gentle enough to clean and protect your furniture. Always read the precautions and directions completely before using. If you are unsure how the product will affect your furniture, test in a spot that no one will see; if there is no negative reaction, then you shouldn’t have any trouble using it elsewhere on that piece. Apply enough product to cover the area that requires cleaning, allow to soak in, and then blot; this is a good tip when learning how to clean furniture. Never rub as this will only push the spot into the fabric and move loosened debris to another spot.

When figuring out how to clean furniture for the first time, think about the material the piece is made from, why it needs to be cleaned and what would be the simplest and most gentled way to clean it. Don’t grab the first cleanser in the cabinet, read labels and follow all directions accordingly. Bleach should never be used on fabrics, powdered cleansers should never be used on plastics, and always use a clean soft cloth to wipe or clean furniture.

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