How To Clean A Floor

One of the most hard working and unnoticed items in the home is the floor. The flooring can be tile, concrete, wood or carpet. Regardless of the material, it needs to be cleaned. Knowing how to clean a floor is important to not only maintain it, but keeps it in good condition and minimizes allergens and germs.

As with cleaning anything else, prevention is the key to prolonging the life of the object. With a floor, especially in high traffic areas, it may seem almost impossible to keep the floor clean. You can place a doormat at the entrance to your home, take shoes off after entering the home, use area rugs right inside the door and various other places to help keep the floor clean.

Gravity tells us that things will fall, so with the floor at the bottom of everything we know that in time it will get dirty. An area rug in the entry way does trap a great deal of dirt from moving further into your home. The rug that is chosen should be light enough that it can be washed in your clothes washer. This will ensure that the dirt the rug traps will be released elsewhere and the rug can successfully continue its job.

It may seem unimportant to know how to clean a floor but using the right tools and products is important. There are various types of mops to choose from today; rag, sponge and microfiber are all good options. A rag mop is like a janitor would use; these are durable and will last a long time. Sponge mops are inexpensive and can do a decent job. Microfiber mops pick up a great deal of dirt and can be washed with your regular laundry. You can also choose mops that use disposable wipes that are attached and a fresh wipe/cloth is used for each cleaning.

Each different type of mop, except for the mops with disposable wipes/cloths, can be used with any type of cleaner. How to clean a floor correctly can be addressed by the type of cleaner you chose; the cleaner chosen will vary upon what the flooring is composed of. All purpose cleaners work well on each type as well as plain warm soapy water. Floor cleaning begins by sweeping the floor first and then discarding what was swept up; working from the furthest area away, move the mop forwards and then backwards from one side towards the opposite side of the room and finishing at the exit. Allow the floor to dry.

How to clean a floor that has rugs or is carpeted calls for a different approach. Vacuuming is a must to reduce the dirt that it attracts and should be done at least once a week. Carpet at one point in time or another will get spots and/or stains; this is an inevitable occurrence when having carpet. There are home solutions such as white vinegar and hot water or products you can buy off the shelf that work great at cleaning carpets and rugs. Spray the product onto the stain, allow the solution to set on the spot, then wipe or dab away.

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