How To Clean A Bathroom

The bathroom, aside from the kitchen, is probably one of the most important rooms in our homes. This means that it gets used the most; a high amount of usage means it needs to be cleaned more often. In addition, the bathroom is where most personal hygiene is performed and it has high moisture, therefore it should be cleaned more thoroughly. How to clean a bathroom you ask?  Well I can tell you it involves more time and probably more supplies and tools than the rest of the house.

Being prepared is the first step in any project. Having cleaning supplies readily at hand helps to expedite the cleaning process. Keep your supplies in a carrying case; this helps to move around quicker and get out of the bathroom a lot quicker. The bathroom requires cleaning products that work well on soap scum and mildew as well as sanitizing the various fixtures. You should also have clean rags, a sponge and a scrub brush for both the tub/shower as well as the toilet.

When learning how to clean a bathroom, the first thing that you need to do is remove the clutter. This means picking up dirty clothes and towels and putting them in the dirty clothes hamper. Put away all cosmetics, brushes, and other paraphernalia into their proper spots such as in the medicine cabinet, drawers or underneath the sink.
Once the “stuff” has been dealt with in their proper places, then the next step in cleaning your bathroom is to get rid of dirt, grime and soap scum.

The bathroom can be the most disgusting place if it’s not cleaned on a regular basis. If not cleaned regularly and properly, this room can easily become a health hazard to anyone who enters. The counter and sinks are relatively easy, the toilet is a disgusting thought and the shower is probably the most cumbersome of all to clean. If the bathroom is your least favorite place to clean, then start with the easiest and work your way to the hardest. Knowing how to clean a bathroom will make this room a nicer place to be for anyone who needs to use it.

Use a glass cleaner and paper towel on the mirror; an all purpose cleaner and sponge on the counter, sink and faucet. Don’t forget to wipe down the door, door knob, switches, cabinets and walls. Next, you can do either the toilet or the shower. You can spray down the shower with a foaming cleaner (foam sticks better to the walls) and while that is working you can work on the toilet. You can also do the reverse by spraying the outside of the toilet and the inside with a cleanser that contains bleach or a strong sanitizer and while that soaks, then work on the shower.

When cleaning the toilet, you can use a paper towel on the outside of the toilet and then use a special scrub brush to clean the inside of the toilet. Use a separate towel to clean the lid and seat, both the topside as well as underneath. If you know how to clean a bathroom you won’t forget to clean the handle. For the shower, wipe down (scrubbing may also be necessary) the walls and the showerhead. Work your way down to the tub walls and then the tub floor. Don’t forget the shower door or curtain.

The last step in knowing how to clean a bathroom is to work your way out of the room. Remove the garbage and the rugs if necessary and then mop from the furthest point in towards the door. Once you have gotten to the door, everything should have been cleaned from the lights to the corners of the floor.

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