How Do You Clean A TV Screen

There are a number of chores that need to be done on a regular basis. Some chores or tasks should be done daily or weekly and some can be done monthly or yearly. One beloved object in the house, the television, can’t be cleaned the same as your kitchen counter or floors. So how do you clean a TV screen?

The techniques, tools and products you will use will be based on what type of television you have. There are older models that are in a cabinet, there are models that are quite cumbersome and very large all away around and then there are the new models. The latest in televisions are more like picture frames that display our favorite shows and movies.

If you have taken a walk through the electronics department lately, you will only see flat or thin TV’s. They can sit on a special stand or be great space savers and hang on the wall. There are LED (light-emitting diode), LCD (liquid crystal display) and plasma models to choose from. The pictures are bright and vivid; the components that make these eye catching images are the latest in technology. So how do you clean a TV screen that may not be a screen at all?

Let’s go back to what used to be called a TV; the one that sits in a case that looks like furniture. The structure that actually holds the television unit should be dusted and cleaned accordingly to what the material is; for wood use furniture polish or a wax for woods. The screen or display that we watch was at that time glass so a glass cleaner would suffice. Do not spray the cleaner directly onto the screen, spray onto a clean cloth and then wipe the screen. Better yet, simply use a microfiber cloth that’s been dampened with plain water and wipe clean.

For later TV models when asking how do you clean a TV screen, the same steps for the console models should be followed. The only difference now is that the case the screen is in is now made of plastic. Again you can simply use a clean lightly dampened microfiber cloth or other clean cloth to wipe the complete unit down.

For the new fancy TVs, they are made quite differently so the materials used should be cared for in a slightly different way, well almost. First and foremost, the best way to keep any television clean is by dusting it every week. This will reduce any static and dust build up that may collect; including the screen. Of course, finger prints and nose prints is another matter.

For both the LED and the LCD flat screens, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions that are included with the manual to answer your  “How do you clean a TV screen” questions. If you don’t have a manual, there are special products you can purchase or use, yep a clean soft cloth dampened with water. When you ask “How do you clean a TV screen that’s plasma” there is a slightly different answer. Since plasmas can become quite warm when used, before cleaning it’s best to turn it off and allow it to cool down before cleaning it. Again, dust it first and then use a damp clean soft cloth.

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