Cleaning Kitchen Cupboards

Sometimes we forget to clean items that we touch every day. Things that are so obvious and the daily cleaning is so quick and easy it’s a wonder it gets missed. If the outside doesn’t receive any attention, who knows what the inside may look like. Kitchen cupboards are a must have in any kitchen and they are touched every day. Cleaning kitchen cupboards is easy and not as time consuming as one might think.

Because there is so much in the kitchen and you may constantly be in there, you may not want to spend more time than necessary.  In general, the kitchen counter, sink, stove and floor probably get the most attention when it is time for cleaning. But what about the cupboards; they are great at hiding the stuff that’s in the inside but what about the outside?

Kitchen cupboards are an essential part of a kitchen; they are functional and useful. They hold our dishes, pots and pans, various containers and an assortment of other items from food to cleaning supplies. We toss things in and take things out; we are touching the hardware, doors and shelves quite often. Even though they are in plain sight, we tend to overlook them when we are cleaning up at the end of the day. This makes perfect sense to include cleaning kitchen cupboards as part of our routine cleaning.

There are a variety of woods that kitchen cupboards can be constructed from. In addition, the door fronts are usually coated with some sort of sealant to protect the stain or paint and the wood itself. For the most part, by using a clean cloth that has been dampened with warm soapy water will do the trick to get rid of fingerprints and whatever else might be on the door. When wiping down the kitchen counter or sink, go around and wipe the areas of the cupboards that were recently touched.

As you just read, cleaning kitchen cupboards on the outside is very simple and doesn’t take long. You may want to consider adding an extra step in the process to keep your cupboards looking great. Many woods that are used today may need a pick me up on a yearly or bi yearly basis. By giving a nice coat of polish or wax will make your cupboard fronts look new again. There are a number of products on the market that will do this for you; choose the product best suited for the wood and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Cleaning kitchen cupboards on the inside can be more time consuming but only if you are removing everything from the cupboard to clean and then of course replacing it all back. There isn’t a need to do this unless you have had issues with insects or small rodents. Otherwise, the best time to clean the inside is before you go to the market. Your cupboards are usually a little bare and therefore easier to clean. Using a clean cloth and simply wiping from the further inwards towards the outside should be sufficient.

There is no need for chemicals or harsh cleaners when cleaning kitchen cupboards. Warm soapy water and a clean cloth or sponge is sufficient, even if cleaning a sticky substance such as syrup. Wiping down the outside on a regular basis will ensure clean cabinets that will keep your kitchen clean and a healthy place to be.

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