Cleaning Bathroom Mould

It can easily be overlooked, especially if you are doing a quick once-over. Not everyone will see it right away until there is enough of it to make you stop and take a closer look. Cleaning bathroom mould is not hard but discovering the black mould near the window or on the wall or ceiling should be concerning.

The bathroom is heavily used every day and hot baths and long steamy showers create a great deal of warm moisture and this is the perfect environment for mould to grow. Using the bathroom vent and/or opening the window a bit will help to reduce the amount of moisture that the bathroom can retain. It is best if the vent and/or window are opened the entire time the bathroom is being used and until the room is no longer a warm and moist area.

Cleaning bathroom mould is a relatively easy task; it is just that you don’t want to touch the mould nor breathe it in if possible (if there is a large amount of it). The technique for cleaning mould depends on where the mould is located. If it’s on the wall or ceiling, then applying a cleaning solution to a rag or sponge and then to the wall is the best method. If the mould is on a fixture, then the cleaning solution can be applied directly to the mould (unless the fixture is wood, then you would apply with a rag or sponge).

The products available today work very well at removing mould. There are mild solutions, “green” solutions and of course the heavy duty commercial grade solutions. Most of us will grab a name brand off the shelf or perhaps use a homemade recipe as the cleaner. One of the biggest errors that is made when cleaning bathroom mould is that the cleaning solution is not left on the mould long enough to completely kill and remove it.

If the mould is on paint, it should come off without much effort. If the mould is on the window ledge or in the tracks of the window, again it should be easy to remove but will be a little more difficult to get into the nooks and crannies to make sure that all of the mould was removed. If you have to scrub to remove the mould, stop the scrubbing motion and apply more of the product and then allow it to “sit” on the mould to do its magic. If this still does not work, then you may want to consider having a professional clean it for you.

It can be frustrating to find mould in your bathroom; cleaning bathroom mould must be done as soon as you make your discovery. Mould can be create unhealthy air and can cause health issues which should be avoided at all costs. Taking preventative steps will help to prevent the growth of mould. If it does grow, using the right cleaning supplies to destroy the mould is beneficial to anyone who enters the bathroom and should prevent further growth.

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