Speed Cleaning – Every Room, Every Surface

Learning All About Home Speed Cleaning And How It Works

It seems that these days, we all have less and less time to ourselves because nearly every minute of the day is filled with some sort of obligation. In addition to our busy schedules, text messages and cell phone calls mean even our free time is often greatly reduced compared to what it once might have been. That means home speed cleaning is definitely a technique that a lot of us can benefit from once we understand how it works. Whether you own your own home or rent, you will be able to get everything in your home much cleaner in a shorter amount of time if you take this advice and put it to work for you. Here are some tips on cleaning your house and how you can go about implementing these strategies in your own domestic space. It can certainly make your life a whole lot easier.

Why People Appreciate Home Speed Cleaning

As mentioned, lack of time is often the reason why people would like to know how to clean in a hurry. For those who have children, this can be especially helpful since with very young children, often the only time you have to clean house is after they are already in bed. In addition, many people really dread cleaning because they believe it has to take a great deal of time. By speed cleaning and organizing clutter, you can get the job done fast and get back to the other things you want to do. Plus, this is great exercise and a real mood booster, too. Finally, remember that a clean house is a big help in maintaining proper hygiene, especially for those of us who have kids and pets in the same house. It makes sense to keep things clean and tidy to help thwart the transmission of diseases, eliminate places for pests to hide and keep pathways clean and clear to help avoid injuries around the home.

Getting Your Kitchen Clean Quickly and Efficiently

If there is one room in the house where home speed cleaning techniques can help you, it is the kitchen. This is where the vast majority of the family will spend a significant portion of their day and that’s why you want to keep it tidy. Plus, accumulation of old food can lead to serious health hazards that no family wants to deal with. When it comes to how to clean a kitchen, instant maintenance should be your motto. Since all you need is warm water and a bit of soap to clean all the surfaces in your kitchen (like cleaning kitchen cupboards), it makes sense to attack spills when they happen. This also reduces the odds of attracting pests or having spills that cause mold that can make people sick. Wash those dishes after every meal and you will find that a kitchen is actually easy to keep ready for meal times without having to spend a long time cleaning it. Wipe down the oven and refrigerator every day, preferably at night or right after preparing a meal. If you do this, home speed cleaning really will go rapidly for you.

Fast Cleaning for the Bathroom

We all know what a nightmare a dirty bathroom can be and this is also one room in our home where disease transmission can occur relatively easily. For home speed cleaning, bathrooms should be cleaned regularly because they are high traffic rooms that everyone is going to be using, just like the kitchen is. When thinking about how to clean a bathroom, keeping your cleaning supplies under the bathroom sink is a must because you want to have them ready for cleaning time. While these can pose a danger to kids, for home speed cleaning in a house with children, it is advised that you get child safety locks for the cupboard where you will be storing your cleaning supplies. This is also a smart idea if you have pets. Having a clothes hamper handy is a must because dirty clothes and used towels need a place to stay until they are ready to be laundered. Toilet bowls need to be cleaned both inside and outside, sinks must be cleaned out and the bathtub or shower also needs to be cleaned (see cleaning bathroom mould). This can be done weekly in most cases, but light cleaning each day can help reduce the amount of work you have to do each day so this is advised, particularly for the sink.

Getting Your Furniture and Upholstery in a Hurry

For the best results in how to clean furniture, the best advice is to pay attention to what you are told about maintaining a given piece of furniture when you first buy it. This will give you specific guidelines for that furniture since there are so many different materials used in the making of these products. All spills on furniture, whether wet or dry, do need to be cleaned up right away. Warm, soapy water can be used to clean most furniture surfaces, as well. If you vacuum regularly, consider vacuuming any upholstery that uses a fabric. Other upholstery tips, for leather upholstery, say using warm water and soap should work just fine. But what about how to clean a couch? Read the article to get a more in depth explanation. Remember that stains need to be handled quickly in order to keep things sanitary.

Cleaning Floors and Carpets Fast

Flooring comes in many types, ranging from wood to carpet to concrete, tile or linoleum. For those that want to know how to clean a floor it is crucial to keep spills cleaned up as they happen. Many germs and substances that can cause allergies often build up most heavily on the floor. This is why regular cleaning, at least weekly, needs to be done. If children are in the home, you may need to clean two or three times a week. A doormat can help you keep some dirt outside, as can banning shoes indoors, but even then you will often find dirt and grime on your floors. Most floors of wood, concrete or tile can and should be mopped regularly. In some cases they may need to be scrubbed for a persistent stain. The best tips on carpet cleaning will always say to vacuum regularly. If a carpet gets a stain, try to work it out early on with a good stain remover for the best results.